Giving Back: SchoolStock – 2019

At Zubifi getting involved is just what we do. This past weekend some of our team members joined into help with a local community outreach. This event is called Schoolstock and its purpose is to assist those in the community needing a little help by providing FREE school supplies along with a day of activities that includes things like free haircuts, games, demonstrations, and free food. There are usually more than 5,000 people that attend this event (counting parents and children) and last year they gave away over 2500 book bags.

Well, getting involved is contagious. Our team brought their passion back to the boardroom table and after a brief discussion we decided that Zubifi should be involved as well. (The event is in Burlington, NC which is where Zubifi is headquartered.)

The event is scheduled for August 10, 2019 at Holly Hill mall. We’ll share an update later so stay tuned!

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