Security Minded – EV Certification

At Zubifi we are a Security First company. Your data is your livelihood and we care about protecting that first and foremost. We have many different ways we secure your data and just one of them is through extended validation SSL certificates. Why is that important? Well, let me explain.

What is Extended Validation (EV)?

Extended Validation (EV) certificates are single-domain SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates that offer the highest degree of authentication and SSL protection. To ensure this, they require more evaluation and documentation checks for applicant websites than other certificate types.

What are the qualifications required for validation?

In order to obtain an EV certificate the requesting entity must meet certain criteria. These include verifying the following:

  • The legal, physical, and operational existence of the entity
  • That the entity has properly authorized the issuance of the certificate
  • That the entity has exclusive right to use the domain specified
  • The identity of the entity matches official records

Why should I care?

With standard domain-only validation the little padlock shows, but an impostor site could create a similarly named site and could get a certificate to show the padlock as well. The EV SSL allows for the company name or a green bar to be displayed that indicates you really are looking at the site you expected to see. This adds another layer of protection to our customers and our philosophy is all about adding multiple layers of security and therefore we avoid any single points of failure.

In Google Chrome you see our company name beside the URL.
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