Marketing to the Max…

Marketing is one of the most important aspects in your business. When starting off your business you must advertise as many ways as possible to get your name and your business out to the world. One important way to market your business to the max is through social networking. Social networking is growing world wide today in unbelievable numbers. There are three social networking places that we will discuss.

First of all, the most popular and growing social network is Facebook. Facebook is a great place to advertise your business. As a photographer, I set up my “page” and invited all of my friends to “like” my page. On my Facebook page, I continuously offer specials, add pictures of my work and interact with people on Facebook. I actually got my first real photo shoot by using Facebook. A friend of one of my friends saw my page and looked at my pictures and asked me to do her senior pictures. Now days, almost everyone has a Facebook, therefore it is an extremely easy and FREE way to advertise your business to the world.

Another social networking site that is popular today is Myspace. Myspace allows you to change your profile to fit your personality. Some business people, especially the creative business people, like this feature. Like Facebook, you can create albums of your photos. Myspace is a good social networking site, however, Facebook has more features, looks more professional and is the most used in today’s society.

Finally another growing social networking site is Twitter. Twitter is a site that allows other members to “follow” you, basically keeping up with what you are doing. Twitter is very simple to use and is a great way to advertise coupons or specials for your particular business. On Twitter you can develop a profile, but most importantly keep your followers updated on your business.

Normally, most people that use a social networking site usually use another one as well. For example, many people have both a Facebook and Twitter. Some may even have all three sites that we talked about. For a starting business, I believe that it is important to advertise in everyway possible. So why not use a social networking site that can instantly advertise your business to hundreds of thousands of people.

As a new photographer starting a fresh business, money can be very tight, and you may not have the means to produce everything you want to produce at first. The nice aspect about all of these social networking sites is that they are FREE to use! Now who can turn down free advertisement? Some people can spend thousands of dollars a month on flyers, business cards, etc. These are all great marketing tactics as well, but let the social networking sites do the majority of your advertisements. By using these social networking sites you will be marketing your business to the max and will soon see results like you would never have imagined! So get business building your profiles on these sites listed above and see the impact that it has on your business!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?