So You Think You Can…Be Inspired?

I am not much for reality TV, I usually stick to the classics like The Office, LOST, and re-runs of Seinfeld and Friends. However, this past week when So You Think You Can Dance started its 7th season my roommate turned it on and we watched the rounds of auditions from all across the nation. I used to be a dancer, when I was 3. My lack of natural talent has never stopped me from ‘gettin’ giggy with it’ at bars or spontanious dance parties with my friends after having a bad day. After watching just 30 minutes of the auditions I was blown away by the talent, and the raw emotion that the dancers have. Many told stories of family members passing away and significant events that have shaped who they are today. And they danced those feelings and golly goodness could you feel their emotions. It was really just inspiring to watch.

It got me thinking, what I could produce when I dug deep into my emotional layers and produced something from my natural energy. I love to paint and take photos but I don’t think about my raw emotions when in front of a canvas or a lens all the time. I usually just, do whatever comes to me and feels naturally. And half of the time I rely on that little thing called luck. Am I the only one? Maybe because I am just doing art for fun I lack the raw emotion that many artist translate to their art?

Those dancers have that many artists, like me, maybe have lost and have yet to regain. I have plenty of emotional feelings to translate into art, so why don’t I do it all the time? No time? Not of enough energy? Too complicated?

Well, I challenge everyone who reads this to think of something that has been bothering them, or perhaps something that made you smile today, and capture it, dance it out, pencil it down, remember it, and release the energy that is with in you into art. Im sure we could all be inspired by other artists, so why don’t we take the time and learn?

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