What you don’t know about SEO

Okay, so this probably isn’t worth a blog post but we have just made some adjustments to our web site based on an article in the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine to help people like you find us easier on the Internet.  The article is on entitled “What you don’t know about SEO” and quite honestly, it was helpful… you know, things you knew at some point in the past but had forgotten and needed reminding.

Granted, I’m probably not the best source for advice on Search Engine Optimization (I mean, we do online accounting software for small business) but every now and then I run across a good article that is noteworthy.  SEO isn’t a science, it’s an art and it takes patience and perseverance.  Hopefully this article will help you save some money on what could be unnecessary services.

If you are in a decision making position in a small business and are not already subscribed to Entrepreneur magazine then I would highly recommend it.  It often times has good information to help you get started in business… so get your advice from Entrepreneur and let us take care of your accounting and you’ll be all set. 🙂

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?