About Us

Welcome to ProjectedFrame!

Projected Frame is an online accounting system built specifically for photographers, artists, and other freelance individuals that are serious about turning their passion into a business. It has been built so that you do not need any previous accounting experience to be able to send your customers or clients bills, collect payments, and write checks to pay your bills. Our no-nonsense approach is unique because it is the first system built with artists in mind that truly enables anyone with a web browser to take control of their bookkeeping.

Creating an easy-to-use accounting application for people that absolutely loath accounting has been the long standing goal of our founders. While the dream has been around for a long time the official effort started in February 2010 when Projected Frame, LLC was officially formed. Since our formation we have diligently been seeking feedback from the artistic community as to what we can do to make the laborious task of bookkeeping as easy as possible.

We have talked to photographers (obviously), painters, potters, authors, journalists, and freelance artists of every kind (well, maybe not every kind but as many as we could find). We have processed the suggestions, feedback, requests, and comments on some of our proposed features and taken detailed notes on what each group holds as important in other software packages available today. We have had discussion after discussion with the development team (the folks that take our ideas and make them a reality) and after all the effort we believe that Projected Frame is far and away the best accounting and bookkeeping solution for photographers and freelance artists in existence.


The concept behind ProjectedFrame was first realized in 2007 and started out with the simple idea of making it easier for photographers to manage their accounting.  In fact, that’s where our name comes from.  The term “Projected Frame” is actually just another name for the viewfinder of a camera.

Why start with photographers? 

The answer here is actually quite simple.  It’s because we believe we can make a difference in their lives and businesses. In the very beginning it was during a family session with a local portrait photographer where the need was originally identified and so naturally we followed the trail to solve his problem.

Not just photographers…

We have always had the vision to make our tools available to the largest variety of end-users possible. Photographers were a start given that the accounting options available in the market weren’t really customized.  Yes, they would have a predefined set of accounts, but at the time that was really the only differentiation toward photographers… at least on an affordable level.  So we built out screens, emails, and services that directly support the photographer community.

At each step we have diligently worked to unlock functionality that enables the greatest benefit to all users.  That means that today we consider ProjectedFrame.com to be the best solution for a host of end users.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?